Saturday, July 31, 2010


I figure, I'm in such a different place, that I might as well start a new blog. The old one has such a different feel, that I wanted to preserve the whole thing entirely, look and all. Caboose is one of my favorite Snapcase songs of all time, and the lyrics have always but somewhat of an anthem to me.

Over the last few years, I hit some very dark places in my head, just having self realizations, and from general observations of the people in this life. Some people, such as myself can have a very tilted outlook after being surrounded by what I perceive to be careless abandon, and ridiculous justification for easier routes out of situations. Don't get me wrong, we are all hypocrites, we all think we are doing the most righteous choice, and we all believe as strongly about it as the next guy. Often in doing so, we overlook our hypocrisies, but I can spend all year over-thinking it all, until my outlook is completely "tilted". In other words, jaded, negative, and angry, and irritated(emphasis on the irritated) all in one. Then you look for a release and just say fuck it all until you crash hard.

Of course, I'm not pretending it's all other people, it's me too, the way I was raised, programmed, etc.

So, again it all comes back to Snapcase. The band that introduced me to a synonymous phrase to something that I always had a concept of, but made me realize there is a entire theory based around it back in the mid 90's. 'Progression Through Un-learning'. I have to deprogram myself, create my own un-biased, and influenced identity. I have to chisel deep back down to who I really am. We are all highly intelligent beings, we already know all the answers. But most of us are too scared to say anything before someone else in fear of embarrassment of feeling "stupid" if we end up with a wrong theory. Isn't even a wrong theory, the first step to building a monumental theory? It all starts somewhere.