Wednesday, August 4, 2010

MC Hammer

Porch lunch

So I've been pretty good about the gym lately. Trying to keep up on it. I made a gym schedule, with no designated times, just certain days. To put in designated times means a reason to skip. I won't be able to honor certain times with my random day schedules. So for now, I've made a plan to acheive more of what I'm trying to do.

Save lots and lots of $.
1. Do not go out drinking. I was reminded how horrible this can be in so many ways last night. $ spent, up too late, feel like she-ite today.
2. Do not eat dinner out. Lunch under $10 is ok.
3. If I don't need it, don't buy it

1. Stick to gym schedule, no matter what. They are open 24hrs
2. Watch what I eat. Keep it vegan for the most part, and low sodium.
3. Stick to my Dr. Appointments
4. Follow a dental plan (follow up with UW Dentistry in September for a consultation)

IMing with Nate this minute discussing running. So this gets me excited. I need more than 1 partner to run with.

Alright, off to the office.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Work, home, errands, gym, clothes shopping, pho, good company, what else does a man need on his Birthday?


       OMG! It looks like a cab, but its mini! LOL! (spotted outside yesterday on my Birthday thrift-store extravaganza. 

Happy Birthday to me! It's a good one! Now, off to do some work.