Sunday, September 5, 2010

Master of Sparks

I-5 South Bound Centralia, Washington

Mind is full. Full of thoughts, tasks, quotas, love, lack of, full-fill, professional, personal, focus, friends in need, long schedules, not enough time, exhausted, desire to break, the passion of metaphorically wiping the cluttered desk clean, to leave only what truly matters left on top. 

It tells the (apparently true, according to an interview in Sound magazine c.1976 with guitarist Billy Gibbons) story of a bunch of hillbillies who weld together a steel cage, tie it to the back of their truck, and encourage the hapless narrator to take a ride inside it.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Precious and Grace

6th ave S

Summer has been here, and the weather has fluctuated from 87 to October weather back and forth. It's all fine by me. We can all use a little variety in our lives. Sit back and enjoy glorious life, or the shit show, whatever perception you may hold. Half empty, half full. Same thing, just a different light. Faith, or science, it all created the same world we all know.  Same thing.  Just be sure to not lose your identity my friend.