Saturday, June 16, 2012

Make like a tree and get outta here

If I could get over this cough, things would be quite good. Most perfect relationship I've been in, business is great and progressing, and I'm feeling more complete and content as a whole. I'm cutting down on booze substantially. I just can't hang like I use to. we have a great home with our tinies, I have all I need. Eat better, ride my bike more, remember that I'M the boss at work, leave work AT work, Sunday Funday should be more about the home. Rediscover how it was when I was a kid, that excited feeling about so much. Movies, music, TECHNOLOGY! And of course, keep the excitability I have with Diane. Seriously, the sweetest, sexiest thing alive. Summary; Less booze More vegan, gluten free foods, no soda Ride bike as much as possible Keep grip on Crown. I'M the boss! Work on home!

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